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​Saving Pat is the third in the Doolan Family Series. The series is best read in order, each is a standalone HEA but follow a progression so there may be spoilers if later books are read first.

Patrick Doolan came back from service in Afghanistan with secrets and a changed personality. Since his medical discharge from the Army, he has worked for his brother at Doolan Security and attempted to convince himself he has a life. Recently, his high school crush Sarah Gordon has become his new boss and he begins to wonder whether he is free to live again.

Sara Gordon, a widow of three years is starting to see that she can’t only focus on her job and being a mother. She is ready to look for someone new. Is Pat going to be the man for her?

A night of grief-driven drinking leads to tragic consequences and suddenly Pat finds himself on the wrong side of the law in the - albeit enticing - shape of Uber-Bitch Sergeant Alegra Fazio.

Alegra Fazio is determined to make Captain, and sees stripes when she arrests Patrick Doolan for murder. She believes he has a shady past and is determined to make the indictment stick. As she begins to find flaws in the witness statements, and discrepancies between what she believes to be true and what she discovers about her prisoner, Alegra needs to determine if her judgement is conflicted by her desire to prosecute a past crime and her drive for promotion.

Meanwhile, Sara refuses to sit passively by and allow Pat to go to jail for a crime she doesn’t believe him guilty of.

Pat finds himself between two strong minded, driven women, each committed to their goal.

As ever with the Doolans, this story is dialogue led, with all the characters we know and love from earlier books making appearances – with a few shocks. Will Shannon continue her Bridezilla rampage? Will Aiden and Cass ever find the nerve to tell their family that they are married- and pregnant? Will Ma ever return from her cruise? How exactly did Sunny and Colm get together? Is there anything that doesn’t cause George to be the most flatulent Bulldog in Boston? These and other questions may or may not be answered in this installment.

Advised 18 or older for the gratuitous and flagrant use of cussing, and for scenes of a sexual nature.


Annie Campbell, Author Annie Campbell, Author