Spoiler Alert! For anyone who hasn’t yet read Lying Straight, I write about Josie, Zander and Jonnie in this book and as it is set in a period of time just after Lying Straight ( but before its epilogue!), it does go into the relationships of the three main characters and some of the storyline found in that book.
That said, Zander and co don’t feature heavily here, they just decided to butt in when they knew that this book would also be set in Boston.

So, a little about the book:-

Shannon Doolan is the youngest in a family of five, the only girl with four over protective older brothers. When Shannon ran home from university six years earlier nursing psychological scars – the physical ones having healed – she fought hard to overcome her fears arising from an assault by her then boyfriend Clay O’Neill.

 Finally given a chance to get out from under routine paperwork at her brother Aiden’s Company Doolan Security; Shannon jumps at the chance to work a stalker case with her ex-soldier brother Pat. That is until she discovers that Clay O’Neill and Clayton Fahey, the guy she has to work with, are one and the same. Except he isn’t the same. Clayton Fahey is very different, though, within a short time of working in close proximity, Shannon begins to realize her hearts response to him hasn’t changed one little bit.

For the last six years, Clayton Fahey has worked hard to atone for that one nightmare night when his world turned upside down and he became the person he despised most, his abusive alcoholic father. In a frustrated drunken rage he had terrified and abused his sweet innocent girlfriend, leaving her bruised and petrified as he lurched into an uncertain future.

Six years on, Clayton has been medically discharged from the Marine Corps he remains guilt filled and committed to making amends for his past behavior. Clayton is currently working as Event Coordinator for his friend and mentor, renowned self-help guru Ethan King. When a persistent stalker prompts Ethan’s security chief Pat Doolan to bring a psychological profiler on board, Clayton has no idea that it is his ex, Shannon. Unable to forgive himself for that one night of terror, he knows Shannon will never let him near her…until she is endangered; can Shannon let her guard down around Clayton enough to trust him with her life? And will Clayton ever believe himself worthy of forgiveness and a second chance at love?

This is aimed at 18+ as there is bad language, sex and violence; several gorgeous brooding men, feisty females and one flatulent British Bulldog.

“She’s here. Worse. Turns out she’s Pats sister.”
“Here? How? Are you sure it’s her, it’s been what 5 years?”
“Six. She recognized me immediately. She fainted! Pat obviously doesn’t know yet – considering I’m still in one piece.”
“So you haven’t actually spoken to her?”
“She preferred unconsciousness to a conversation. Can’t say as I blame her.”.........


....“You don’t get to look at me like that Clay. You gave up the right.” Her soft, confident voice cut him like a whip. Not merely the words, but the underlying strength. That was also new. His Shannon had been sweet, gentle and youthfully self-absorbed. This Shannon seemed hard, strong and resilient. He wondered if this Shannon was of his making and again loathed the monster he had been....

......“Now I suggest you go find a room we can use to view the security footage Pat has organized. The sooner we begin, the sooner I get to walk away.”
Clay almost applauded. How he wished he could still claim her, she was an Amazon; tempered steel and fire. He rose to his feet knowing that of the two of them, she had emerged out of that night the stronger. He was glad.


An excerpt from a Second Chance

Annie Campbell, Author Annie Campbell, Author

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