I am a young at heart 53 year old. I have written stories all my life, both short and longer. As any aspiring author, I firmly believed I had a decent novel in me somewhere - I just had to look hard enough for it. When my husband was offered a job in America for a minimum of six months, I went with him and decided to use the time to find out whether I could write the opus I dreamed of. I chose to write about what I knew, so I set the book Tomorrow Begins Today  in Scotland, which is where I now live and the land of my heart. MY main Character Lou shares a lot of characteristics with me and also shares an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. Although Lou has similarities, she isn't me. I think all authors put a little of their best into their characters, the best part of writing is that we get to - HA! I was just about to say we get to let our characters do what we wished we could, but the fact is for me, as soon as a character becomes three dimensional, I have no control over where they go or what they do. My Second book Lying Straight  is set in Boston Mass. which is where we stayed in America. I fell in love with the three main characters and my fourth book is also set in Boston and will  give Zander, Josie and Jonnie some interaction with the new characters the Doolan Family. My third book,  Dreams of a Tomorrow  is set in Eureka, California. The two main characters are Jake and Ellie. My fourth book is entitled A Second Chance featuring Shannon and Clay otherwise known as Butch and Cupcake!  Book five entitled Layers Beneathcontinues the story of the Doolan Family, this time following Aiden and Cass as they learn to see the hidden layers of each others character. Book Six again follows the Doolan family, This time we spend time with Pat as he tries to fight a murder rap. Saving Pat is about realising we don't always want what we think we do, and that we are not responsible for other peoples decisions however heart breaking they might be. 


Annie Campbell, Author Annie Campbell, Author

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