As I lifted my hand to knock,  Josie's door opened and she ricocheted off me...I​ leaned forward without conscious thought and claimed her lips

-Excerpt from second book ​Lying Straight out now

My second book, Lying Straight is set in Boston Mass. The story revolves around the central characters of Zander, Josie and Jonnie. Zander is a Boston cop with a hero complex who is desperate to find out who is bringing a new drug into town. So desperate, he will pretend to be his gay best friends boyfriend to get close to his suspect. Jonnie has loved zander since zander rescued him at school and will do anything for him, even if it means lying to his bestie Josie. Josie is enjoying the charming but secretive sean, though she is disturbed to find herself attracted to Jonnie's new boyfriend Lexie....

This is aimed at 18 and over containing scenes of a sexual nature and graphic language

Annie Campbell, Author Annie Campbell, Author

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