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So, my first blog and for once I have nothing to say! Yes it very much is a first! I guess I need to let y'all know that my second book is in the proof reading stage (Thanks mum!) and I will be unveiling a release date soon. So far my first book is available from IBooks and I hope to also release both books on Amazon once I figure out what I need to do! For anyone who is interested, I have pretty much self published though obviously with a lot of help from people at Smashwords and with plenty of advice. It doesn't have to be expensive to publish online, and don't feel that you have to go with one of the publishing houses. If you have even a small amount of computer and internet know-how, anyone can publish.  

I will keep you all informed of my release dates, and I will be looking for volunteers to receive a free advance copy of Lying Straight, in return for an honest review.

28th June 2015

I am about to go live with my second book Lying Straight. The first book had a lot of me in it, my experiences, my thoughts, (my fantasies!) this second one is completely different. None of the three characters are anything like me, and I share none of their experiences. I based the book in Boston. Having spent 10 months there last year, and loving every minute, I wanted to pay tribute to the city. There is one aspect of the book, where Josie talks of cheering the marathon runners on the first year after the bombing. Well that was something I had the pleasure of doing. I stood on Commonwealth Avenue and cheered and shouted hour after hour, until my voice gave out. It was incredible. It was more than merely a marathon, it was a city uniting in courage and strength, telling the world that Boston was Strong. I felt a part of that, united with every other person there, be they runner or supporter. It was a hugely emotional day for me and for many, many others there.

I hope you enjoy the book, please feed back to me by reviewing it on whatever website you purchase it from, or by writing here or on my facebook page.

I am currently on another writing project, as yet I am unsure whether it has the legs for a full length novel, which makes me think about all the short stories I have written. I wonder whether to put out a book of shorts. Hmmm perhaps you will help me decide!

19th July 2015,

Well both books are now available on Amazon, IBooks and Smashwords. I have had some lovely feedback on Lying Straight, so I am very happy because by the end of it I was really fond of Josie, Zander and Jonnie.

I have begun a third book, though I discarded a huge chunk and began rewriting it with a different angle. I am still unsure as to whether it will flow into something or end up in a file on my computer full of ideas that didn't quite make it - Yet!

27th October 2015
I am now in the final editing stages of my third book Dreams of A Tomorrow. Different authors have varying thought and writing processes, I don't know whether I am pretty normal or unusual in mine. In fact I am not sure that I have done things the same way in any two books. For this third one for example, I was jogging along the water front when I came up with the first couple of lines. A boy had just raised his lips from the girl and she leaned over to throw up. SO what was I to make of that? was she drunk? had he been taking advantage of her? Actually no. In this instance our young man has just dragged her unconscious from the water and given her mouth to mouth. I needed names for my two main protagonists, it is difficult to build a personality without knowing what they answer to. Once I had their names I 'listened' for their voices. The tone, the language, the cadences. It is all part of them becoming well rounded real people to me. I needed a Title. I had a working one, but I wasn't happy with it as the final one. After a brainstorming session with my husband -  where I ignored every suggestion - I came up with one I was happy with. Finally, I had to think of the book cover I wanted. It needed to reflect the storyline, be visual as a thumbnail and be something I was happy with.

Once the book is finished (and knowing when to write The End can be tough) I  need to get people I trust to read it and critique it. This is the stage I am at just now, so keep your eyes open for more updates coming soon.