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-Excerpt from Third book ​Dreams of A Tomorrow out soon

Annie Campbell, Author Annie Campbell, Author

...“Hush, don’t be. This is all on me, I pushed too fast. I’m the one who should be sorry.”
Ellie worried at her lip, those damned expressive eyes showed her fear. Jake eased back reluctantly pulling his hand away. “Ellie you know I would never hurt you, you do know that right?”
Ellie nodded her head, looking absurdly young. He could see she was wrestling with herself, her face contorting until she finally blurted into the silence. “I’m a virgin!”
 Oh. F***. He. Did. Not. See. That. Coming. Scrambling back, backing into the bed and unceremoniously falling onto it in his haste to put some space between them, Jake stared stupidly at Ellie as her words echoed in a loop around his brain

Dreams of A Tomorrow

Having recovered from surgery and treatment for a life threatening disease, Ellie Jacobs has taken time out to see something of the world around her. Travelling across the states in her RV she has seen the sights and met the people of small town America. It is only when she is involved in an accident that Ellie is forced into company and realizes how she has been isolating herself.

Jake Taylor has spent the last six years bringing up his brother after losing their parents when Jimi was a baby. Making Jimi his priority, Jake has no time for romance and doesn’t believe any woman would want to take on him and his brother. Then Ellie bursts their lives bringing sunlight and hope. Just as he begins to believe there might after all be a future for them all he discovers something that bursts his bubble.

This story is about how two young people manage to overcome the obstacles thrown into their paths and begin to trust that life may actually gift them happiness after all.

* Included at the end of the book is a short story relating to two of the characters who appear in Dreams of a Tomorrow.

This book is aimed at 18 and over it contains scenes of a sexual nature and swearing.