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Tomorrow Begins Today

Isolating in her grief, recently widowed Lou finds herself volunteering at a camp for troubled kids. She soon realises that the kids are not the only troubled ones. Sexy lawyer Garvey is ashamed of his background; and guilt ridden supervisor Cal believes he must spend his life making amends.

As relationships develop and strengthen between the volunteers and the kids, new beginnings seem possible.

Being my first novel, I rewrote this several times and asked some very trusted friends for their input.  At one point I made several significant changes to the plot. It is a long book running to some 140000 words. I am still immensely proud of it, as I carried it through from concept to epublished novel. It is possibly a little too wordy for some, though I hope that those who do stick with it find it worthwhile. I spent the best part of a year on and off working on the book and getting to know and love the characters. It is not always an easy read, dealing as it does with addiction, abuse and neglect, but there is enough love and humour in there to ease the heaviness of some topics.

It is aimed at 18 and over as the book contains scenes of a sexual nature and graphic language.

As with all my books it is available on iBooks and Amazon .

All through my life I have needed to feel love as much I have needed breathe. In knowing I am loved, I thrive and flower; I am happy, secure and able to be the person I was always meant to be. When I was younger, love had failed me, been used against me and imprisoned me in despair that only alcohol seemed to give release from. In its simplicity, alcohol gave comfort, made me feel better, and told me I was not at fault.

Until I met Iain, I had trusted my heart to the wrong men for the wrong reasons. In Iain, finally, I found a man who didn't play games, but who was blunt and open. We certainly had our ups and downs, and in the early days came close to splitting apart. But each knew that what we had in the other was to be trusted, and we found a way forward.

When Iain died, I had neither the desire or intent to seek another. I knew I would no longer settle for the kind of relationship I had endured in my first marriage, I preferred to be alone than with the wrong man. I had a family now, something I had never had before Iain, and they loved me enough that I thought I would not miss having a special person in my life.Or so I had truly believed. Now I realise, not only had I been mourning Iain, I had been mourning the end of love. The love I feel for my kids and grandson, and theirs for me would never change, but my relationship with them over the coming years would. Rightly, they would move away emotionally, living their own lives, with their own loves.

An Excerpt from Tomorrow Begins Today